A New Year’s greeting from Ukraine

Dear colleagues and friends,

The year of 2022 was probably the most challenging and hard for Ukraine since the start of our independence. Our lives have changed significantly as we are fighting for the world’s freedom and democracy. In these circumstances, the Ukrainian healthcare system remained stable and doctors kept doing their job at hospitals around the country, including oncologists who did their best to treat patients in any way possible.

Ukrainian oncologists have acted selflessly and resiliently to safeguard their patients, maintain continuity of lifesaving care, and connect migrating patients to cancer care in nearby countries. Ukrainian refugees are receiving coordinated high-quality cancer care through a global support network involving a coalition of more than 30 cancer societies and specialty oncology centers.

Since May 2022, almost all oncological institutions in the country have started working according to usual schedule. We began providing medical help—including surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and supporting treatment for those with cancer—in each part of the country.

These would be impossible without support and help from countries which became Ukraine’s allies and friends. The USA is absolutely one that did the most for our healthcare system and contributed to successful treatment of oncological patients.

We are deeply thankful to organizations, hospitals, and everyone who helped to provide the high quality oncological help for Ukrainians. Thanks to American colleagues, we received not only surgical equipment and medical supplies, but also access to studying materials and lectures. Many Ukrainian doctors went to the best clinics in the U.S. to learn and bring new experience back to Ukraine.

We, Ukrainian oncologists, hope the year 2023 will be the year of victory for the modern world. But we also promise to keep fighting cancer as the global enemy of humankind. With your support and concern, we feel much stronger, and we do not feel alone in this war.

We wish the new year to be safe and peaceful for you. Let’s make 2023 a new incredible journey full of faith, hope, and courage to reach common goals and personal success for everyone.

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